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board of director

Grace Nonyelim Oliko

Grace Nonyelim Oliko is an esteemed health administrator and accomplished leader in the healthcare sector, renowned for her substantial contributions. With a wealth of experience, she’s been a driving force in pioneering continuing professional development programs within healthcare institutions, enhancing the proficiency and quality of care provided.

Grace excels in formulating robust policies and frameworks for emerging healthcare ventures, shaping the foundations of hospital management, nursing administration, and nurse education. Her instrumental role in establishing an academic nursing department in a prestigious university underscores her dedication to advancing nursing education. Holding credentials such as Fellow of the West African College of Nursing and Nursing & Midwifery Council Registration in the United Kingdom, she’s recognized as a global healthcare professional. Her educational journey includes an M.Sc., DIC. in International Health Management from Imperial College London Business School.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Grace is a compassionate advocate for her community, supporting widows and organizing health education programs for women, reflecting her commitment to community welfare. She would undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation.

Milton Flournoy - Board of Director

board of director

Milton Flournoy

Milton is an experienced change management leader here at Morehouse School of Medicine. As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, he brings deep expertise in process optimization and project execution. Over his 10+ year career, Milton has led numerous initiatives to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive organizational improvements.

His analytical approach involves assessing systems, identifying opportunities, and implementing data-driven solutions. Milton is exceptionally skilled at guiding organizational change and preparing staff for new processes.

His background in Organizational Leadership enables him to facilitate smooth adaptations and transitions. He works cross-functionally to gain alignment and is adept at securing buy-in from diverse stakeholders. In addition to process excellence, Milton is passionate about developing talent. He employs coaching techniques to support employees in building capabilities and taking on new responsibilities.

Milton spearheads operational performance, culture, and talent development efforts at Morehouse School of Medicine. He leverages Lean methodologies, Change Management best practices, and his collaborative nature to deliver a positive impact. Milton holds an MS in Organizational Leadership and is certified in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He enjoys volunteering and helping people reach their ah-ha moment when not optimizing operations.

Lynda Banja

board of director

Lynda Banja

Lynda Banja is a Governance lawyer, GBV-SRHR (Gender-Based Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) – Advocate, Social Entrepreneur, Global Mentor, Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant on the thematic areas of Gender and Corporate Law.

She is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and currently Managing Partner of Banja & Co. Advocates.

Lynda serves on various boards and committees; Chair – Africa Women in Agribusiness Award, Vice Chair – Business & Human Rights Committee of the East Africa Law Society, Committee Member Disciplinary Committee of FIDA Federation of Women Lawyers (Kenya), Board member PIA & Hope for Her Global.

She is the Founder & Executive Director of Hold-my-Hands-Organization and Co-lead GBV & SRHR on the Africa Women Leadership Network.

Banja is an Indrani Fellow 2022, Teaching Human Rights Fellow; African Change Makers Fellow and World Pulse Ambassador & Changemaker.

Rosario Marrazzo - Board Director

board of director

Rosario Marrazzo

Rosario is a seasoned Product Manager with 3+ years of experience in cutting-edge tech startups, on a mission to create products that leave a lasting impact. After supporting brand-name corporations and SMEs in innovating their business models, Rosario transitioned to product management to drive tangible change.

Beyond the tech world, Rosario finds joy in the kitchen, preparing traditional Italian recipes and crafting delightful cakes. Just as in product management, balance is key — blending creativity, strategy, and innovation to create both delectable dishes and user-centered experiences.

Cynthia Nonso

board of director

Cynthia Nonso

Cynthia Nonso is a distinguished growth strategist with an extensive background spanning over thirteen (13) years in the realms of Business Strategy and Growth, People Management, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Change Management, and Project Management. As a dedicated advocate of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a board member in women’s empowerment NGOs.

She is passionate about creating empowerment opportunities for women, making her a driving force within these organizations. Cynthia’s commitment to advancing the cause of women’s empowerment is evident in her active engagement and thoughtful contributions. 

Her academic prowess, including an MBA, B.Sc. in Accounting, and PMP certification, seamlessly complements her wealth of practical expertise.

Throughout her illustrious career, Cynthia has made notable contributions across diverse industries such as Construction, Healthcare Supply Chain, Retail Hospitality, and Human Resources, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. Her ability to engage and manage stakeholders at all levels, from C-suite executives to governmental bodies, has been instrumental in driving organizational success.

Cynthia’s track record is marked by her adeptness at orchestrating large, intricate projects, consistently delivering them within timelines, budgetary constraints, and surpassing client expectations. Her keen understanding of various business facets enables her to approach challenges holistically, resulting in effective and sustainable solutions.

Cynthia’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement underscores her commitment to professional development. Eagerly embracing growth opportunities, she strives to augment her skill set and expertise, thereby adding significant value to her organization. Her dedication to learning and enhancing her capabilities ensures that she remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

In summary, Cynthia Nonso’s multifaceted background, coupled with her passion for women’s empowerment and commitment to ongoing growth, positions her as an influential figure in the realms of business strategy and organizational success.

Daisy Matsika - Board of Director

board of director

Daisy Matsika

“I seek to increase the voice of our multicultural Australians, represent and advocate to bridge the gap within our communities. It is important that NO ONE is left behind or disadvantaged based on things that make us all unique Individuals. It’s voice in different tones” Daisy

Daisy Matsika is an National Awards Nominee change-maker, public speaker and advocate, with a passion for youth and cultural representation in government policies and business. She is passionate about making sure Multicultural Australians in the ACT are head across the board to decision makers. Daisy has extensive experience working for both ACT and Federal government officials and building partnerships between communities.

She is currently an Executive board member for Fair Canberra (FC), Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) and serves as the Public Relations Officer for stakeholder partnerships and events at FC. Daisy is also the Ambassador for Kulture Break alongside Tv presenter/reporter Erin Molan and Rugby League Player Sia Soliola. She has been featured and recognized on various of media outlets, Radios, podcasts and events as a social media and social advocacy Influencer. Daisy is also an Communications and Public Relations professional for her day-to-day work outside the Community.

As a local Canberran, Daisy has worked on various national projects and represented ACT in National policy discussions such as the Kava Forum (initiative by FC to increase the importation limits on Kava), The Royal Canberra Show, TEDx Canberra, National Multicultural festival, ABC International Women’s Day panel, and many other Multicultural and youth focused initiatives and discussions. She brings a unique experience of working internationally and representing youth internationally into each of her roles. She is passionate about her work, which can be seen through her incredible work ethic and dedication to inciting change.

board of director

Joanna Staniszewska

Joanna Staniszewska, with a journey spanning over twenty-five years, has found herself immersed in the world of marketing, human resources, and communication. She approaches her roles with humility, recognizing that her experience has been a lesson in growth and learning. As the founder, partner, and CEO of the boutique communication agency and consultancy, youll.be, she acknowledges the collaborative efforts that have brought about impactful initiatives.

An earnest curiosity has guided Joanna’s exploration into marketing and HR expertise. Her understanding of communication dynamics has been shaped over time, with an emphasis on forging connections through the power of new media.

Her endeavors in personal and collective development have led her to be recognized as an adviser, mentor, lecturer, author, and facilitator. Beyond the professional realm, Joanna’s exploration has touched upon spirituality, transcendent leadership, and social change.


Her commitment to cultural abundance and the enhancement of organizational cultures has been a gradual journey of discovery. Academic pursuits, such as her master’s degree in law and postgraduate studies in human resources management, marketing management, and business psychology, serve as markers of her ongoing dedication to growth. Joanna’s entrepreneurial ventures have been a testament to her pursuit of excellence, grounded in a genuine desire to align business objectives with human values. Her management of well-known brands and her facilitation of human-centered events reflect her belief in fostering collective happiness.

Engaging with international organizations like Geek Girls Carrots underscores her genuine advocacy for women’s professional development. Amidst her achievements, Joanna remains grounded in the philosophy of participatory organizations. She champions heartfulness and healthy effectiveness, advocating for co-creation with a deeper purpose. In her role as a co-founder of the international advisory group effenex.com, she is driven by the desire to facilitate conscious transformations on a global scale. Joanna’s collaborative efforts with ProlEe, a fellow Change Manager, trainer, facilitator, and coach, magnify her impact.

Together, they have guided You’ll Enjoy towards recognition on a global stage, propelled by their combined expertise. Their joint accomplishments have earned acknowledgment from esteemed platforms spanning continents. Joanna’s narrative is one of ongoing growth, characterized by humility, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to positive change. Her ability to bridge diverse fields of expertise is an outcome of a genuine desire to learn and connect. In a world where transformative change is imperative, Joanna embodies humility and inspiration, illuminating a path toward a more interconnected future.

board of director

Marcelle Rizkallah

Marcelle lsibhakome Rizkallah-Imoisili is a bi-racial woman, born in Nigeria and brought up in the Middle East and Europe.

Marcelle is a professional Par Excellence, a Cosmopolitan and a Polyglot by Training, Upbringing and Enlightenment.

Marcelle holds a BSc degree in Public Administration, she built up her career in the corporate world, spanning over three decades, having wealth of experience cutting across numerous relevant sectors in both private and public sectors in Turn-key Information Technology, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Mining just to mention a few etc.

Marcelle is well known for her principles, integrity, honesty, hard work and performance driven to deliver on whatever she sets her mind to do, she is a go getter in all aspects of life. Marcelle speaks, read and write five International foreign languages Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Her Forte and Specialties in business are Business Consultancy, Brokerage and Development, Sales Management, Team Management, Account Management, Leadership, Opening and Closing Business Transactions, Negotiation, Re-branding and Repositioning of products and Solutions in the market place, Business Strategy, Market strategy, Accounts Acquisition, Competitive Analysis, Market Intelligence, Feasibility Study, Product Launch, Channel Sales Projection, Distribution and Management and (CRM) Customer Relationship Management.

Ihenacho Ikechukwu Michael Bennert - Advisory Board

advisory board

Ihenacho Ikechukwu Michael Bennert

Michael has an initial background in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, made a combined career in product design and Front-end Engineering to the field of Branding and Advertising.

As BlueAfric Media’s Creative Director, he shapes the agency’s creative vision, working across diverse industries and brands like NCC, Enugu State Government, Anambra State Government, CBN, Guinness, and more. Michael’s expertise extends to managing multinational brands such as Emenite, Guinness, Ethiopian Airlines, and others in creative/experiential marketing communications.

He has also led strategic communications and corporate partnerships, significantly improving Enugu state’s ease-of-doing-business rankings. At the core of his creative expressions lies a belief in the power of innovative ideas, emotive storytelling, and service.

Michael’s vision is to transform African Brands & Businesses by delivering effective creative solutions, and his success in PR and Communications can be attributed, in part, to co-founding the independent full-service media Agency, BlueAfric Media. [Founded in 2013, Incorporated in 2021.]

Omone Tessy Okolo - Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Omone Tessy Okolo

Omone Tessy Okolo the People Management Lead at African Technology Innovation Hubs Initiative, (AfriLabs Foundation). A pan-African, innovation-centric organisation that supports over 400 innovation hubs across 52 African countries, alongside other stakeholders.

 The primary objective is to nurture successful startups and visionary entrepreneurs who leverage groundbreaking technologies to address African challenges with innovative solutions.

Tessy is an accomplished legal professional. Her admission to the Nigerian Bar Association in 2015 marked the beginning of a distinguished career path. Combining her legal acumen with an array of professional learning experiences, she has cultivated a mastery of navigating the intricate landscape of the African tech ecosystem, offering invaluable counsel and direction.

Tessy’s expertise has propelled her to her present role as the People Management Lead at AfriLabs, her prior engagements encompass significant tenures within diverse law firms and organisations. In her capacity as the People Management Lead, she not only extends professional guidance but also shoulders the mantle of enhancing employee engagement and fostering a thriving organisational culture. This commitment is underpinned by her dedication to the collective attainment of objectives.

She is a dynamic and globally recognized speaker, a proactive agent of transformation, and a fervent advocate for African advancement. Her endeavours are conspicuously aimed at catalyzing a positive impact on the African landscape, with a special emphasis on women’s empowerment.

Adebayo Aderohunmu - Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Adebayo Aderohunmu

Adebayo Aderohunmu studied Sociology and Anthropology at the Obafemi Awolowo University.

In this environment, particularly within his course of study, he was exposed to the nuances of human and social relations, how this influences cultural/social choices at individual and group levels, and the evolvement of social issues and social change in the society.

His educational background led him to a career in human capital and development, which he has been practising within the corporate for over 5 years. This he has done across various industries including oil & gas, consulting, healthtech and fintech. Most recently, he is doing great work at Lemonade Technology.

His passion for human capital development initiated his creation of a human capital development group in Oyo State in 2020, from the insight that there was a disconnect between the available jobs within the state and the readiness and awareness of the candidate population of these jobs – this group has gone on to grow to over 500 members with quite a number of members getting the jobs of their dream. He has also facilitated at a number development initiatives which include the Senator Abiru innovation Lab (SAILS).

Adebayo is always excited to work on projects that plug people into growth and enabling opportunities either at execution, advisory or supervisory levels.

Jamila Idris - Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Jamila Idris

Jamila Idris is an entrepreneur with expertise in performance management and organizational development. An alumnus of the prestigious Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship (KIF), she has multidisciplinary experience working in the academia, development sector and public service.

She is Africa’s foremost performance through sleep practitioner and the creator of the High-Performance Accelerator. A unique coaching program that helps experts, executives and emerging leaders get the most important tasks done and create desired results without stress, confusion or overwhelm.

Jamila is a mental health professional and an advocate for mental health awareness. She has coached clients in different and diverse fields including high level entrepreneurs.

She has served in leadership capacities internationally and has served as a member of key government decision making councils.

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