Empowering women and the female child.

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Our Vision

The QWF vision is to develop more confident women to be equipped and passionate about leading organizations, businesses, schools, and agencies domestically to contribute to a society where women leaders are no longer viewed as the exception to the rule but as relevant assets and necessary additions to organizations nationwide.


Working with partners to deliver designed programs to address key barriers and issues relating to women.


Increased proportion of women involved in important roles in the communities and being able to access financial skills and productivity in their day to day lives.


Provision of training, awareness activities, and facilitating the set up of platforms for women to have their voices heard.

QWF Tea and Networking 2023!!!

EmpowerHer: Navigating Business, Entrepreneurship, and Wellness

Location: Avion Hub, Wuse 2, Abuja

4th Nov, 2023 – 11:00am

Featured Causes

Every year we embark on different causes to empower women and the girl child.

Tea and Networking Party

Q.W.F holds her annual Tea Party and Networking event in the fourth quarter of every year. This year the event will be…

Sanitary Wear Distribution 2021

Sanitary Wear Distribution

Every year, Q.W.F embarks on her annual sanitary wear distribution to girls in under-served communities. This year we visited…

Skill Acquisition & Training 2020

Skill Acquisition Training

At Q.W.F we value quality over quantity hence we select a few women and focus on training them in various skills such as shoe-making, tailoring…

How your donations are changing lives.


We visit rural underserved communities annually to distribute sanitary wear to young girls in secondary schools who can’t afford to purchase sanitary wear.


We educate young girls and women on the opportunities available to them as women in today’s society. We travel far distances to engage and train these girls and women on various skills beneficial to them.

Sensitization and Awareness

We visit remote areas in Nigeria where outdated practices are still practiced. We create awareness on social and health issues that are affecting their community, the country and the world at large.







Meet Our Board

Meet our Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

Cynthia Nonso

Board of Director

Milton Flournoy

Milton Flournoy

Board of Director

Daisy Matsika

Daisy Matsika

Board of Director

Joanna Staniszewska

Joanna Staniszewska

Board of Director

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