Uncharted Paths – Conversations with Women Redefining Success


In a world where success is often narrowly defined and stereotypically associated with traditional markers such as career advancements and financial gains, there is a growing need to redefine what success truly means. This online series aims to highlight the stories and perspectives of women who are challenging the status quo and reshaping the definition of success in their own unique ways.

Context and Problem Statement

Despite progress in gender equality, women continue to face barriers and stereotypes in various fields, limiting their opportunities for advancement and recognition. Traditional notions of success often overlook the diverse paths and achievements of women, reinforcing narrow definitions of accomplishment.

Additionally, women from underrepresented communities often lack visibility and access to resources and networks needed to thrive in their respective fields. There is a need to challenge these barriers and redefine success to be more inclusive and reflective of women’s diverse experiences and contributions.

The Solution

Uncharted Paths: Women Redefining Success” offers a platform to showcase the stories and achievements of women who have forged unique career paths, challenging traditional notions of success and paving the way for others to follow.

Through in-depth conversations, interviews, and storytelling, this initiative highlights the diverse experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women from various fields, empowering them to embrace their uniqueness and chart their own paths to success

Our Host - Daisy Matsika

Daisy Matsika is a renowned changemaker, public speaker, and advocate, recognized as a National Awards Nominee. With a passion for youth and cultural representation, Daisy holds executive positions in Fair Canberra (FC) and the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC), driving stakeholder partnerships and events. As an Ambassador for Kulture Break, she collaborates with notable figures like Erin Molan and Sia Soliola. Daisy’s influence extends through media features and engagements, including appearances on ABC Canberra, showcasing her expertise in Communications and Public Relations. Her impactful contributions to national projects and policy discussions reflect her dedication to fostering change and amplifying diverse voices, while her roles in various media outlets, including ABC Canberra, underscore her commitment to social advocacy and community empowerment.

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